#BUFFACOLD: The Rise Of Kane Wave

Propelling to the forefront of Buffalo’s Hip-Hop scene, rapper-singer Kane Wave is capturing the eccentric nature of the Queen City in his music. Known for his high energy performances and unique integration of Rap and R&B, Wave’s provocative personality and efforts as a songwriter has catapulted him into local stardom. Building a larger hype through […]

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#BUFFACOLD: Chango4 & Way2wavybaby joins forces on “Planet 9”

During a late night studio session, rising rapper Way2wavybaby was ad-libbing verses when she randomly mentioned the words “Planet 9.” With femcee Chango4 also present during the session, the duo resonated on the idea of moving to another world. Creatively bouncing thoughts off of each other, the talented rhymers started working sonically on the concept […]

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#BUFFACOLD: 12:03 DROPS EP “Smile”

Dropping a series of impressive EP’s the last few years, burgeoning lyricist, 12:03 was focused on creating his debut album in 2020. With a handful of notable producers offering the rising rhymer beats, and a reliable and talented group of willing collaborators (Ariel Ashe, Marvelredsox, Johnny B) on standby, the anticipation for another 12:03 project […]

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#BUFFACOLD: 14 Trapdoors drops “Brain Aquarium”

Psychadelic rap trio, 14 Trapdoors have added a new dimension to what Buffalo’s brand of Hip-Hop looks like. Their self-proclaimed sound,  New Trap Boom Bap, combines the heavy-hitting style of risque punchlines to the whimsical ends of party culture. Releasing their highly-anticipated EP, Brain Aquarium last month, the group’s satirical banter and playful productions makes […]

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With Boom Bap permeating the local airwaves, R&B has taken a metaphorical backseat, until now. Buffalo’s current urban renaissance has diversified opportunities for rappers and crooners alike to strut their talents and collaborate. Now more than ever, singers are expanding they’re sound and image to capture the same hype and attention their rap counterparts have. […]