#BUFFACOLD: Rapper Quality releases “Know Yourself-Worth Vol. 3”

  I’d like to think that the heavily populated neighborhoods and extended hoodie seasons is what makes New York’s Hip-Hop so gritty.  And unlikely for Buffalo- grittier. These classic stories of pain, struggle and violence creates a controversial constant. And for up and coming artists – a blueprint. From intellectual ruffians to head sprung rhymers- […]

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An Half-Hour Before The Grammy’s

With very little preparation and scatterbrained composure, I’m writing this love letter to the underdogs and humble pacers. This past year, the music industry lifted it’s magical veil and exposed a vital secret of success: workmanship. Many times, the movers and shakers of a culture don’t see they’re work acknowledged and often that overshadows monumental […]

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INTROSPECTIVE: The Carter’s “Everything Is Love”

Since the tantalizing and dramatic unpacking of Beyonce’s “Lemonade” in 2016 and Jay z’s conscious yet, apologetic “4:44,” no one figured the tragic, vulnerable lives of America’s favorite black billionaires would find redemption in a joint album. “Everything is Love” cements the the ending of an elusive couple struggling through infidelity, to a union led […]

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A Thought: Welcoming Weird Music

As trends and fads usher in faster and stronger, one phase has become integral in the music world: Reinvention. There has been more genre changes, aesthetic takeovers and surprise albums in the last five years than in the the previous 20. And while many critique this new lifestyle for the mainstream music scene; which undoubtedly […]

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